Reversi Online Strategy Game []

This is a very simple free reversi computer game made with Adobe® Flash®. Please enjoy playing strategic wit matches versus a little computer opponent on web-browser window.

*This game requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe and Flash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Instructions [How to Play Game]

Choose your side (Dark/Light change over by clicking) and select computer's thought-depth level on start-up window. And click "START" button to begin a match.

During game, put your piece by mouse clicking a square on the board in your turn. As you start mouse-hovering over the board, circular guide mark appear on square on which you can legally put a piece.

Record of Moves

Record of moves is automatically made up and displayed on right hand side of the table during game. After game ends, you can replay move sequence and look back the match. Use buttons on replay bar placed at the top of the record panel to control replay. You can also control replay by mouse wheeling on the table or pressing arrow keys.

When you want to obtain a copy of record, click "COPY" link button at the bottom of the record panel. The record of moves in text format is sent to clipboard, that can be saved as a standard text file by pasting it into a notepad. You can replay the record of moves afterwards by importing it through "WATCH" tab on start-up window.

Match Results and Statistics

Your match results on each level are saved to Flash Player's persistent local storage, and displayed on the start-up window. You can reset the results at anytime by clicking on "CLEAR" link button.

*The result of game, you played, is automatically sent to server as anonymous data, when the game ends. The collected results are used only for GLOBAL(all-time-all-users match results) statistics that is to be displayed on start-up window. do not collect any personally-identifying information about you through this service.

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